Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Russell Athletic Football Uniforms

Cullowhee, NC - The Catamounts today unveiled their new uniforms for the 2011 football season, provided by Russell Athletic. The Cats showcased an all-purple uniform, a white-on-purple pairing, a white-on-gold look, and the traditional purple-on-gold variation of the uniforms. Senior DL Trey Selby, redshirt sophomore OL Wesley Cook, sophomore QB Brandon Pechloff and redshirt freshman DB Ace Clark - were selected to take part in Wednesday's uniform photo shoot with WCU public relations photographer, Mark Haskett.

Please click on this link for a video preview of the new Russell uniforms.


Anonymous said...

Those are good looking uniforms to go along with a new attitude in Catamount football. Here's to having a great season.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure we got a better deal with Russell, but I'd like to have stayed with Adadis.