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Ask the AD

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"It has been a while since I have posted an “Ask the AD” letter. The hiatus was not due to vacation, but to several changes in the athletic department and most noticeably in the university administration.

As everyone now knows, Dr. David Belcher has taken over as Chancellor of the University. His enthusiasm, energy, perception, and deep desire to make Western Carolina a better University has already affected the atmosphere on campus. He and his wife Susan have been tireless in promoting the university and athletic department by reaching out to many constituencies. Their presence at several Catamount Club events this the summer has been tremendous and Dr. Belcher has been vocal in his belief in a strong Athletic Department.

The changes within Athletics have been substantial as well. In June, Brian Frerking, Associate Athletic Director for Development, took a position outside WCU. I took the opportunity of transition, with Dr. Belcher’s assistance, to make changes that will strengthen our fundraising, marketing and media relations operations. Gorham Bradley has been promoted to oversee athletic fund-raising and the Catamount Club, and he is in the process of filling his previous position. Lindsey Lessing has been hired as the Assistant Director of Marketing and Promotions. WCU alumnus Larry Arbaugh has joined us in the role of Associate Athletic Director for Business Development and Media Relations. In addition to these changes we are adding a position to Media Relations to strengthen our ability to promote the successes of our student-athletes. These are all very positive changes that will make us much more successful and stronger.

Now to the questions:

M.S. asks, “ Will we play UNCC in football anytime soon?”

Yes, we are scheduled for a two-game series with Charlotte to begin in Cullowhee in 2014 and back to UNCC in 2015.

B. D. asks, “Will WCU play UNCC in basketball now that we have scheduled them in football?”

As of this season we have not scheduled Charlotte in a basketball series. Coach Hunter develops the men’s basketball schedule and I’m not aware if there have been conversations with the 49ers.

M.N. asks, “ Since students have been charged to tailgate outside the stadium, why is a lot never full? Was it done just to make money?”

No, the change was made provide an organized area for students to tailgate. Unlike in the past, groups now have six spots in each tailgate area, with only two cars to each area. The fee is used to pay for additional costs associated with tailgating.

And finally B.B. asks, “ Why did we change the tailgating policy of baseball and how can we show that we support the team?”

The parking lot behind the outfield was not a designated University tailgating area. In addition, the necessity to erect a “batter’s eye” fence in centerfield impacted the viewing from that area. In regard to the baseball complex, Coach Moranda, the baseball team, supporters and the University made major renovations in the stadium that have made it one of the finest in the conference.

That’s all for today… promise to get back to you more often…. Go Cats!"

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I'm not too crazy about those tailgating answers, and he punted on the UNCC basketball answer.