Saturday, August 27, 2011

Football & Catamount All-Access

The WCU athletic department has announced that Catamount Athletics plans to make live streaming of select home athletic contests available for viewing through Catamount All-Access.  This is made possible through a partnership agreement with the WCU Communications Dept. and the student-run channel - TV-62.  Watching these live events will require a subscription for a low monthly rate of $6.95 or yearly for $49.95.

For football, the video feed captured for the "PurpleVision" scoreboard at all home football games will be made available and streamed via Catamount All Access, utilizing on-site student commentators. Throughout the fall, broadcasts will continue with select Catamount basketball events.  Catamount All-Access, will also provide a select number of online broadcasts with the assistance of the on-campus channel, TV-62 staff.

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Anonymous said...

Those students left much to be desired on basketball last season. Here's hoping they use students that actually take the job serious, and are knowledgable. After all, fans of other schools also watch these feeds, and it would be nice not to embarrarus ourselves.