Sunday, August 21, 2011

Belcher's recent quotes on the WCU football program

“I’m not happy with the history of the program. It has really struggled,” Belcher said  “I want to see it improve. ... I’m going to be watching the program very carefully.”

“Successful athletic programs make it easier to attract students, to ground students and keep in contact with the alums,” Belcher said. “It’s an important thing, and that’s the sort of (football) program I want to see here. A winning football program is a source of pride. Athletics is a front door for the university, and a losing program that struggles is not going to bring as many fans to that front door.”

“I’m going to spend a lot of time this season looking at the record. Look at what happens, looking at what kind of improvement are we going to be showing,” he said. “I’m going look at Ws and Ls, but if and when there are Ls, is it a competitive loss or is it a blowout?”

“I’m going to be a very visible, vocal supporter,” Belcher said. “I’m telling (everyone) that I’m looking for a stronger team". “I understand coach Wagner has a stronger team this year, that they have some size on them and there’s improvement. But the results? We’ll see in the next few weeks.”

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Anonymous said...

I hope this man is serious, and truly intends to hold feet to the fire. Just knowing you're going to be held accountable, can make all the difference.