Sunday, December 15, 2013

Scanning the SoCon - Week Seven

Each week, our SoCon bloggers/message boarders (one representing each team) will vote on a Game of the Week, Power Rankings and Player of the Week. At least three will answer a series of questions on their team and things of interest around the SoCon.

 Scanning the SoCon - Week Seven

The following is my submission to week seven of Scanning the SoCon. You can read the entire consolidated article and see everyone's answers to this week's questions at MocsMania

Power Ranking
3-Western Carolina
5-Georgia Southern
8-App State
11-The Citadel

Player of the Week
Z. Mason, UTC

Game of the Week
Davidson at North Carolina

Sum up your team.
The Cats are 5-6 this season and have not played since a 68-76 setback to Coastal Carolina on December 4th, taking last week off for final exams. As I said last week, the lack of offensive consistency from last season's scoring leaders has resulted in many games that could have or should have been wins for the Catamounts.

Who is the SoCon's best pure shooter?
Trey Sumler

Name some college basketball rule changes you'd like to see. Why?
Eliminate rule 10, article 4 that took effect this season, it's resulting in excessive fouling and slows down the game. It has not improved scoring as hoped. I'd also like to see the 35 second clock reduced to 30 seconds. I think this would not only speed up the game, but could result in higher scoring games that was projected with the implementation of rule 10.

What are some things you'd like to see the commissioner do to promote the SoCon? Why?
I don't know what the commissioner can do at this point to promote SoCon basketball. The individual institutions must make a commitment to upgrade their programs, then follow through with the resources to accomplish any upgrades in the basketball product, which many of the institutions seem reluctant to do. I would like to see the conference utilize some of their funds to upgrade the streaming video in the individual member schools, something on the line of what the Big South has accomplished.

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