Sunday, December 29, 2013

Scanning the SoCon - Week Nine

Each week, our SoCon bloggers/message boarders (one representing each team) will vote on Power Rankings, a Game of the Week, and Player of the Week.  At least three will answer a series of questions on their team and things of interest around the SoCon.

Scanning the SoCon - Week Nine

The following is my submission to week eight of Scanning the SoCon. You can read the entire consolidated article and see everyone's answers to this week's questions at MocsMania

Power Rankings
3-Western Carolina
6-Georgia Southern
10-App State
11-The Citadel

Player of the Week
Kyle Cain, UNCG

Game of the Week
Elon at Western Carolina

Sum up your team.
Western Carolina - The Cats have not played since their last second loss at Georgia back on December 21. In case you didn't see that game, the Cats were called for 26 fouls by the SEC officials, while blowing the whistle only 13 times against the Bulldogs.

As we head into the SoCon season, if your team is leaving, which team in the SoCon are you going to miss the most? If your team is not leaving, which team that is leaving are you going to miss the most? Why?
For most WCU fans, I'd say we'll miss the Mountaineers the most. Like in football, the largest crowds in Ramsey are for ASU games. It's the rivalry that Catamount fans love to hate.

Which two SoCon coaches that are most on the hot seat right now? Why?
My guesses would be ASU's Jason Capel and The Citadel's Chuck Driesell. Capel in his 4th season at ASU is 3-8 on the season, without a DI win this season, and Driesell is 4-9 this season, after going only 8-22 in 2012-13. Both teams have dim prospects for improved seasons over last year.

What should your basketball team's New Years Resolution be? Why?
Since I'm sure we lead the conference in fouls, the New Year's resolution should be "To reduce personal fouls, and improve scoring consistency."

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