Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Football Practice Opens in Cullowhee

The Catamounts opened spring practice on Tuesday with the first day of two helmet-only practices, of the 15 practice dates allowed this spring.

"Man, I had fun today," said Catamount head coach Mark Speir following Tuesday's practice session. "I've been in that office with all of the snow and rain - but today was a beautiful day to get out and start this 2014 season."

"A lot of hard work has already been done over the past eight weeks with coach (Evan) Barr in the weight room. Our guys all got bigger and stronger. I just commend Coach Barr and his staff for what they've done leading up to this point. But, I thought our guys came out and were sharp; they bounced around, had high energy and we really got a lot done today," said Speir.

"Our big focus is to come out of this spring a disciplined, relentless, and classy football team," Speir said  "A big goal that we are working on is having no pre-snap breakdowns. That's something we're going to harp on for 15 practice days. We're going to stress knowing what to do, how to do it, and then do it with a great sense of urgency."

"A lot of our freshmen came right out of high school and they just started playing ball. We're taking the time - and not just assuming since they have played a year - to make sure they're ready to go," added Speir. "We've started back at ground zero with fundamentals and technique, and being sure we know how, when and where to do things."

We're talking a lot about not being an outcome-oriented football team, but about it being a process. And how you win a job is that process of the fundamentals of doing the little things right. We've got a bunch a good athletes out here and it's our jobs as coaches to get them going in the right direction - doing the little things right and doing it consistently."

Coach Speir's quotes courtesy WCU Athletic Media Relations

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