Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cats drop third home game in a row

Tom Tankelewicz  (Photo -WCU Sports)
The Catamounts again drop a conference game at home, this time to the South Division's Georgia Southern, 72-66.  The Cats have now lost four out of the last five games, as well as, three straight home games.  It now seems that every team coming to Ramsey, now owns that court.

While the Catamounts won the rebounding battle (28-27), with a much larger lead in offensive rebounds (17-7), most of the other stats were either competitive, except the field goal percentages.

Both teams had 8 steals,  one block shot each, and 17 personal fouls each.  However, the Eagles were hot, hitting 54.9% of their field goals, compared to an anemic 46.3% for the Cats.

The Eagles hit 3 more three-pointers than the Cats, that combined with the Cats only making 11 of  their 20 free throw attempts, was all that was needed to secure a road victory for Georgia Southern.

Tom Tankelewicz lead all scoring with 20 points, however, Trey Sumler was held to 3 of 10 field goals, 0-4 threes, and 1 of 2 free throws, for only 7 points on the day.  Georgia Southern placed four in double figures, lead by Eric Ferguson with 18 points.

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