Thursday, April 11, 2019

WCU Spring Football: #5

“Today was probably our worst practice of the spring – and it wasn’t that it was a bad practice, I just didn’t think we had the effort level and the focus that I’d seen through our first 11 practices,” said WCU head coach Mark Speir.

“To this point, I’m very pleased with where we are for the spring. I think we’ve gotten a lot done. Our offense has done a really good job of running the football, the offensive line has really come along. I think that our defense all spring has done a really good job of playing hard – and that’s something that we’ve been emphasizing that we didn’t always do last year.”

“It’s been smooth,” said Speir. “Coach (John) Holt and Coach (Tyler) Carlton have done a really good job with the organization part as far as the molding of the offense and where its headed. Their strengths really complement each other. I’ve been excited with what Coach (Arketa) Banks has been doing with our running backs and tight ends – Connell Young has really looked good in the backfield this spring. And Coach (Phillip) Eli is doing a really good job with Tyrie (Adams) and developing Will (Jones) and those other young quarterbacks.”

Again, not fully satisfied with Thursday’s practice, Speir informed the squad following the session that they would alter Friday’s practice. Originally slated for a helmets and spider pads – foam pads that simulate shoulder pads but don’t allow for as much contact – to a helmets and shoulder pads – or shells – day to enable a little more contact ahead of Saturday’s fully-padded scrimmage, which has a new start time of 11:15 am. Speir reiterated, “Today wasn’t a bad day – but it just wasn’t up to par. These guys have set a standard and an expectation of what we’re going to do, and we’re going to hold each other to it. But overall, for the whole spring, I’m excited about where we are now.”

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