Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Cats complete Day 3 of Spring Football Practice

“I really thought today was a good day. The defense has done an exceptional job of running around, they're playing with a lot of energy and confidence right now. And I thought that they tackled well today,” said Coach Speir. “Offensively, we haven't changed a lot of what we're doing – but we have altered some of the ways we're calling it, trying to simplify it. We've just got to work on being cleaner with our execution from sideline through whistle offensively – but that will come.”

We've just got to clean some things up on offense, but I do think that we're at a good place right now. I've again been very excited about where our defense is with the way they're flying around. I just think the whole team has brought a great energy level out through these first four practices,” Speir added.

“We've got 11 more days and as we've said, we've got to go make each one of them count. And to this point, I think we've made four of them count. I don't think that we've come out and wasted any time or had a bad practice where we went backward. These four days, we've progressed as a football team. It's a fun group to be around, the energy level and the leadership have been good. We've just got to come out and have another good day on Thursday,” said Speir.

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