Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The State of Catamount Basketball

Today, the men's team lost 82-56 to Wofford and the women lost 58-39 to Appy State. While both Catamount teams were playing opponents in the upper echelon of the conference, neither team was even remotely competitive with their opponent. Had this been the first or a single incident of this type in either teams competitiveness in conference games, it would be forgivable.  But over the course of this season, these type games have become the norm, for both teams, regardless of the opponent.

As of this evening, the men are 9-14 overall and 3-7 in the SoCon, while the women are 7-14 overall and 2-10 in conference play.   Both teams are currently tied for last place in their respective conference races, which is an unacceptable situation. I can at least rationalize in my mind that this is a rebuilding year for the men's team, however, it's the third year of a downward cycle for women's basketball since Coach Harper departed.  Next season, both teams must make considerable improvements in their win/loss records.

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