Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SoCon drops partnership with Public Television

Spartanburg, SC - Only one year into a three year deal with public television stations to show the SoCon Football "Game of the Week", the Southern Conference has withdrawn from it's deal with NC, SC, & Georgia public television networks.

The SoCon was unable to reach an agreement with the PBS stations in Alabama and Tennessee to show the "game of the week" statewide in those states. The conference wanted the SoCon weekly games televised statewide in all five states, therefore, withdrew from the agreement completely.

Now that the SoCon is without any television deal, the SoCon "Game of the Week" can be seen only on ESPN3.  "Our TV package will be solely and exclusively with ESPN this year," SoCon commissioner John Iamarino said. "It became apparent that we were not going to be able to put together the kind of coverage that we would need to continue with the public television model."

At this time, eight SoCon football games are scheduled to be shown this fall on ESPN3, as well as other events later in the year. All of the men's basketball tournament and the semifinals and the title game of the women's tournament are part of the SoCon enhanced agreement with ESPN3 announced earlier.

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