Monday, March 19, 2018

Catamount football puts on the pads.....

Courtesy WCU Athletic Media Relations       

"I thought it was a very productive day today. I'm just really excited at where the ball team is right now," said WCU head coach Mark Speir following his squad's fifth practice session. "Perhaps the best thing about this spring so far is the number of young guys that are getting a lot of reps -- and that's invaluable."

"These two young quarterbacks (Jones & Thorpe) -- they don't have a red jersey this spring and they're getting hit. We're finding out about these quarterbacks and some of these young players in what they'll do when they're under fire. Both of our young quarterbacks are taking some hits, and you want to see how they're going to handle that. So far, they've both taken some really big hits from our defense and have popped right back up and kept their composure."

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