Monday, July 16, 2012

The CAA: Who to believe

Statesboro, GA - According to Colonial Athletic Association commissioner Tom Yeager's interview with the Richmond Times-Dispatch last week, the CAA has still not made any offers for new members.

However, in an article published by Statesboro Herald last week, GSU athletics director Sam Baker is quoted as saying "There’s been an invitation from the Colonial to Davidson and Charleston," Baker said. "We’ve not heard, as conference members, where that may lead."

So, who do we believe? Why would a conference commissioner flat out say no offers have been made, if in fact Charleston and Davidson had in fact received offers?  I know that everyone wants to keep any potential moves close to their vest, however, how about a "no comment" or not speaking out of turn, if you don't know the facts. That goes for the CAA and GSU.

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